Welcome to Compartis® USA Smart Sourcing

Compartis is your one stop source for fast, high precision component outsourcing. Compartis can process your open architecture CAD design file into a Compartis® zirconia full contour or substructure, non-precious or precious metal, or base cast resin unit.

How Compartis Works:

Step 1: You design a substructure on a compatible dental CAD package and save it in a STL file format. Compartis uses your CAD design file to produce the restoration.

Step 2: You sign in to the Compartis USA website, enter your order information and upload your CAD design file. Click on 'Place Order' to the left to begin the process.

Step 3: We convert your design file to a manufacturing requirements file and schedule it on our fully automated, high speed precision production equipment. The structure is produced, post processed and then inspected. The finished substructure is then express shipped to you.

System Requirements:

  • High Speed Internet Connection - Minimum ISP Upload Speed 768Kbps
  • Internet Browser Minimum or Higher: Internet Explorer 8, FireFox 3.5
  • Operating System Minimum or Later: Windows XP

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